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Ivory key top restoration is my specialty. I have restored hundred of sets of ivory keys.  

The piano key is more than what the player sees when playing. The key is a lever which in turn activates a complex sequence of movements in the piano action mechanism. When the key is depressed there is a precise height and depth which defines the keys movement and how it effects the action inside. Therefore the key top must be in good condition and in solid contact with the wooden lever. This is necessary so that the energy produced by the finger can be transmitted  through the keytop, then through the lever which activates a multitude of parts ending with the felt hammer striking the string.

If the keytop is not fitted properly or is loose or chipped or especially missing, it will prevent the precise control of the hammer striking the string with the intended force. Whether the key top material is original ivory or modern plastic it should be in good condition.

Ivory is not readily available. However, I can with a collection of salvaged key tops, replace or repair missing or chipped ivory. I also have a unique method of splicing ivory pieces into a chipped key so that if I am unable to find a matching ivory I can salvage the existing top by this method.

I also offer replacement of keytops with modern molded plastic. There are times when the original keys have too many missing or chipped keys to restore.

I offer a complete key board package. Provide me with the keys and the keyframe and I will replace not only the keytops but also the felt key bushings, key pins and also the black (sharp) keys. This I can offer at a package rate that can be competative even for fellow technicians to pass on the savings to your clients. This would present your rebuild with a fresh foundation to the look and function of your client's piano.

Contact me and we can discuss the cost and shipping/pick-up arrangements.


Please contact me for prices for these and other services